Avaneer Health Podcast: The Importance of Addressing Social Determinants in Healthcare

Dr. Joseph Webb, Nashville General Hospital CEO and author of the hub and spoke health equity model, discusses the science of healthcare delivery with Avaneer Health's Stuart Hanson and Rachel Schreiber.

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DOTMed Healthcare Business News: Success in action - NGH Metro Incentive Program

Thirty million Americans live in “healthcare deserts,” with eight in ten U.S. counties lacking the ability to provide basic health services to their populations. Dr. Webb discusses how the Nashville General Hospital Metro Healthcare Incentive Program has been successful in reducing healthcare costs and increasing access for the Nashville Metro Employees.

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Deep Dish Conversations Podcast: Dr. Joseph Webb on Healthcare, Inequities, Challenges and Opportunities

Jerome Moore, host of Deep Dish Conversations, invited CEO Dr. Joseph Webb to be a guest on his latest podcast episode. Dr. Webb shares his background and passion for developing solutions for inequity in healthcare.

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The Tennessean: Nashville's health disparities by race and income are wide, but incentives are a solution | Opinion

Dr. Joseph Webb discusses the health disparities in Tennessee and how the NGH's success of its Metro Healthcare Incentive Program is expanding access and addressing the affordability of healthcare in our community.

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Celebrating Resilience and Leadership: Honoring Women's Health and Contributions

This enlightening discussion not only highlights the crucial advancements in women's health but also celebrates the influential leadership roles that women occupy in driving societal progress

Becker's: CEO Dr. Joseph Webb discusses exciting things to come this year in healthcare

Becker's asked C-suite executives from hospitals and health systems across the U.S. to share their organization's areas of growth for the next few years.

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CEO Dr. Joseph Webb discusses what will be different in healthcare in 2026?

Becker's asked C-suite executives from hospitals and health systems across the U.S. to share their organization's areas of growth for the next few years. Dr. Webb will be speaking again at the 14th Annual Becker's Healthcare Meeting on April 8-11, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago. 

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Lown Institute Report: NGH Ranks #5 on List of Most Racially Inclusive Hospitals

The Lown Institute, an independent healthcare think tank, ranked over 3,000 U.S. hospitals on how well they served patients of color, using Medicare data from 2021.

Healthleaders: Left Stranded: Millions in Healthcare Deserts Battle for Access to Life-Saving Services

Nashville General Hospital CEO Joseph Webb, DSc, FACHE, explains how health systems are addressing care gaps in the country's most underserved areas.

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America's Essential Hospitals Announces New Board Leadership

NGH's Chief Executive Officer Dr. Joseph Webb, D.Sc., FACHE is taking the helm as the AEH Board Secretary. Read more about the new leadership for AEH

The Tennessean: How Nashville General Hospital plans to move forward in 2023 and Beyond

NGH has developed a robust strategic plan for the next three years: Building on our strengths and seeking out opportunities.

Nashville Post: Uncertainty remains as Nashville General preps new facility

The hospital needs the city government of Nashville to commit to donating the land on which the hospital will sit.

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Becker's Healthcare: Leadership styles of 70 health system executives

If you have spent a substantial amount of time occupying a leadership role in an organization, regardless of industry or size, you will likely find that to be an effective leader, you must adopt a multifaceted leadership style.

WKRN: New hospital location, health care center address disparities in North Nashville

The wheels are in motion to build a new location for Nashville General Hospital.
Nickelle Smith with WKRN Newsmaker interviewed Dr. Joseph Webb

WKRN Newsmaker: Need for a new Nashville General Hospital

Nickelle Smith with WKRN Newsmaker interviewed Dr. Joseph Webb about NGH's plans for a new hospital and the new Bordeaux location opening this year. 

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Becker's Healthcare: Health systems in 10 years; 20 predictions from top executives

Dr. Joseph Webb discusses the future of healthcare in our country and prioritizing health equity. The U.S. healthcare industry operates within a culture that embraces capitalism as an economic system.

Becker's Healthcare: Top Health System Investment Plans for 2023

Nashville is listed as the 10th fastest growing city in the nation with more than 100 families moving in daily. Looking to the future, Nashville General Hospital will need the resources of a new and expanded hospital structure...

Food as Medicine: A Treatment for Diabetes In Middle Tennessee

NOVEMBER 22, 2022. In 2018, more than 34 million Americans (about one in ten Americans of all ages, including one in seven adults) had diabetes, and 88 million American adults (approximately one in three) had prediabetes, a state of increased risk for type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

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Nashville General Hospital Ranks #1 in State of Tennessee for Health Equity and Inclusion

OCTOBER 24, 2022 Nashville General, a national leading public safety net hospital, announced today they have been ranked #1 in the State of Tennessee for Health Equity and Inclusion. This award was given by the Lown Hospital Institute honoring general hospital public safety for income, racial and Health education inclusivity.

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The Tennessean: How Nashville works to end disparities facing Black women with breast cancer

OCTOBER 25, 2022 Differences in stage at diagnosis by race and ethnicity reflect inequities in the access and quality of breast cancer screening. Access to healthcare influences the use of prevention and early detection services− like tobacco cessation counseling and cancer screening− which impacts receiving cancer treatment and survivorship care.  

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New York Times: Medical Care Alone Won’t Halt the Spread of Diabetes, Scientists Say

OCTOBER 5, 2022 The food pantry at Nashville General Hospital helps Arleen Hicks, 59, who is unemployed and has diabetes, prepare healthy dinners. For her first two meals of the day, she eats as cheaply as possible, usually knockoff toaster pastries that are filled with sugar, which she follows with two table- spoons of peanut butter to bring her blood sugar back down.

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73% of Nashvillians Support New General Hospital

SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 NASHVILLE, TN — Nashville General Hospital (NGH) Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Joseph Webb and the Metro Hospital Authority Board considered the future of the city’s public hospital and a new, modern facility after 30 years of leasing at the current location. A recent county-wide poll shows that more than 73% support NGH’s relocation proposal for a new hospital.

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Nashville General CEO: New hospital will generate more revenue, offset taxpayer burden

SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 The Nashville General Hospital CEO wants to attract more paying customers through the doors of his facility, while still caring for those who can't afford it.

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CEO discusses what’s to come for Nashville General Hospital

SEPTEMBER 9, 2022 Currently, Webb said NGH is three months into a six-month planning period and looking at how much space and money would be needed as well as what services will be provided. The new hospital will be the same size of 150 beds, but the organization is looking to add behavioral health care and potentially post-acute care beds, Webb said.

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New poll measures broad support for Nashville General Hospital move

Our recent poll 1 of Davidson County residents shows that support for moving the site of Nashville General Hospital and building a new facility outnumbers opposition to the move by a two-to-one margin

WSMV: Nashville General to possibly build new hospital

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) - After almost 30 years, Nashville General Hospital could be moving to a new location which hospital leaders said would improve patient care and be of no additional cost to taxpayers.

The State of Leadership in Healthcare for Women of Color

According to the World Health Organization, women make up 70% of the workforce in healthcare but account for just 25% of leadership roles. In the U.S., women make up around 80% of healthcare workers and just 20% of leadership roles in hospitals.

Nashville General Hospital: A Legacy of Serving, Supporting, and Strengthening Women

National Women’s History Month began in the month of March in 1857 when female factory workers around New York City protested over poor working conditions.

Nashville General Hospital Receives the 2021 TNCPE Achievement Award

At Nashville General Hospital (NGH), our mission is to improve the health and wellness of Nashville by providing equitable access to coordinated patient-centered care, supporting tomorrow’s caregivers, and translating science onto clinical practice.

Honoring Black History Month and Martin Luther King, Jr. with advocacy addressing inequalities in health care

It has been over 50 years since Dr. Martin Luther King Junior’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech; however, he should also be known for his support of health equality. Three years following the historic speech, Dr. King spoke at the second convention of the

Dr. Joseph Webb, CEO of Nashville General Hospital, Named 2021 Diversity Champion

Through its Diversity Champion Award designation, THA annually recognizes leaders who have made outstanding contributions in fostering leadership, workplace diversity and inclusion, and demonstrating his or her commitment to a diverse workforce.

Nashville General Hospital Targeting Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity

Nashville General Hospital is addressing patient food insecurity and working with faith-based organizations to boost education attainment, health literacy, and healthcare access.

How Nashville General CEO Joseph Webb is Addressing Inequities

Nashville General Hospital CEO Joseph Webb created an eponymous health equity model in 2015 to work toward improving care the public health system delivers to low socioeconomic status patient populations.

The New Role of the Church in Driving Health Equity: The Congregational Health and Education Network (CHEN)

Churches are the soul of a community. For communities of color, churches serve as a lifeline and a place of sanctuary from the harsh realities of living in an unjust world. Today, churches are broadening their role to address health equity among their con

Integrating a 2,000-Year-Old Idea Intro 21st Century Healthcare to Address Health Inequity and Reduce Chronic Disease

More than 2,000 years ago the Greek physician Hippocrates said, “Let food by thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.” With the skyrocketing rates of chronic disease, it’s a sentiment our current healthcare system needs to actively embrace.

Spotlight On: Joseph Webb, CEO, Nashville General Hospital

In an interview with Invest Nashville, CEO Joseph Webb took a deep dive into the exposure of social determinants of health during the pandemic and how to address health inequities moving forward.